Children with incontinence or bedwetting can feel comfortable and well supported at Camp

My child is incontinent or a bedwetter.
Can he/she still go to camp? Absolutely.

Your child should not be deprived of an overnight camp experience for this reason, and in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Children who have these issues should be encouraged to go to sleep away camp.

There may be several different causes, some physiological or some psychological, as to why your child has difficulties with bowel or bladder control or has bedwetting issues.

It is unfortunate that incontinence and/or bedwetting are still considered by many to be taboo and something that shouldn't be talked about. In our 19 years of experience at Camp Kirk, we have found that children who have these issues do extremely well at camp.

Although Camp Kirk does not offer treatment for either condition, it does offer a nurturing and supportive environment where your child will feel comfortable, at ease and well supported in dealing with these issues.

For sanitary and health reasons, the wearing of protective undergarments is necessary and they are provided at camp free of charge.

You and your child should know that he/she is one of many children who have similar challenges.

Our goal is to give them the opportunity to enjoy a "normal" overnight camping experience, free of the stigmas and the teasing that so often accompany these issues.