Working to empower young kids with learning disabilities by building self-esteem


Books: Am I the only one with LD? Books for kids sharing how other kids cope with their learning disability.


Do you have concerns about your child’s speech development? MORNEAU SHEPELL Children Suport Solutions are speech-language specialists who will screen your child free of charge to look for normal developmental milestones.

All children develop skills at a different pace:

If you’re looking for support with your child’s mental health, you’re not alone - Children's Mental Health Ontario has more than 80 community-based children’s mental health centres serving some 150,000 children and their families each year.

It estimated that nearly 1 in 5 Ontario children under the age of 19 experiences a mental, emotional or behavioural disorder. Here are the common mental health disorders and how to identify the signs.


How to Move Past Mistakes: Eight simple parenting rules for motivating a vulnerable child with attention deficit disorder.

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From the first moment: Learning Together offers information and support for families and young children with special needs from the first moment you understand your child will need extra help along the road to learning.

Article: How Do You Know If Your Child Might Have a Learning Disability? What are the clues to look for in your child.

Article: Find Out Why Your Child Is Struggling - Every child has special qualities, gifts that can be used to help the child adapt to his or her world.

Article: When relatives tease your child. Let’s say your child, like mine, has learning disabilities and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. One relative condescendingly asked me why I was unable to control my hyperactive son while someone else in my family was able to.

Ability Online offers a  monitored & supportive online community with forums, chat, advice from mentors for kids, teens & young adults of all abilities along with parents & siblings.

ConnectABILITY is a website for those of us with a developmental disability, organized by age group making it easy to find your support network.

Find accurate, up-to-date information and advice on learning disabilities and ADHD for children and adults at LD OnLine


You can learn more about the symptoms of incontinence and also shop for products such as youth disposable briefs in the same place at  Woodbury Health Products.

If your child is having bladder control issues, here are resources on the causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and management alternatives for incontinence and/or enuresis

Looking to help your child better manage bedwetting or incontinence issues? Find products, articles and information at Bedwetting Children

Here's a tip on removing urine smell from a mattress.


Article: Breaking down the walls of autism. Three families share their experiences of raising autistic children.


Camp can be a big step - Ontario Camps Association shares these basic tips can help make it a fun and safe experience.


Easy to follow, comprehensive learning on how to support the development of children with autism - learn at your own pace.

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